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I am a passionate creative butterfly from the Netherlands and I work with clients all over the world to share my love for aesthetics, photography and big dreams.

In the past, I never really felt in place anywhere until I registered for the photography course at ‘Grafisch lyceum Rotterdam.’

Slowly I dared to dream... about working with other creative and supportive women, traveling for work with my camera & enjoying all the little things that I actually appreciate when I feel safe.

Never have I felt so happy and confident anywhere as behind the camera. By showing others how I see them, supporting them - and helping them visualise their dreams. Secretly perhaps because I would have liked that myself as an insecure girl who really wanted to, but didn't dare to dream about the life she has now.

Do you have a dream? Or multiple dreams? Tell me all about it...

I'm here to help you bring your vision to life, so you can continue to pursue whatever lightens your heart and grows the business of your dreams. I can't wait to get in touch with you and talk about your dreams and goals.

Hi lovie, I'm Indy 

My Favorites

my morning coffee
long drives with the windows down 
Catching the sunsets
Spontaneous travels
Feeling the happiest in the sea
Quality time with my family
(say hi mom, dad, little sis & billy)

set me alight

Nelson Freitas, DJ Maphorisa, Kly

Not a day goes by that I don't sing these songs out loud...

Come vibe with me

best part 

Daniel Caesar, H.E.R.

Not a day goes by that I don't sing these songs out loud...

Come vibe with me

know your worth

Khalid, Disclosure, Davido, Tems

Not a day goes by that I don't sing these songs out loud...

Come vibe with me


The ocean
Ambitious women
Sunlight and shadows

Passion & drive



the heart  of atelier shai

For me, kindness is about valuing & respecting each other, which makes us feel safe enough to give feedback to each other. But also not to be afraid to compliment & support each other. Say hello to a confidence boost & a lovely time working together!



As a client, your wishes will always be taken into account during the (personal) branding process. But I know that growth doesn't come from staying in your comfort zone.  So have faith and try to be open for changes.

As a photographer & brand identity expert I work with different women from different industries everyday, this gives me experience and knowledge. I know exactly how to address your dream clients. You achieve magical results when you have faith, I promise!


There is nothing more powerful than a female founder who is truly passionate and driven to achieving all that her heart desires.⁠

I work best with women who are super passionate &'s so important to have a positive energy when working together.

Passion & Drive

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